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Who we are

Synergy Homes of Southern California is an Orange County based company that purchases distressed homes in fine neighborhoods. Our goal is simple: Restore and update these homes to current safety codes while protecting the home values of surrounding homes.

Our approach is unique. We are not a large investment firm. We look at our purchases on a case by case basis. Most of our purchases help families out of difficult situations…and into their next step.

Who We Are

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Grant Keene


Grant Keene–Development, Mr. Keene feels a great responsibility to his community and the communities he develops. At the helm of one of Orange County’s fastest growing development companies his duties are many but he considers each one a privilege when he can be of benefit to the neighborhoods he serves.

After graduating with honors from both UCI and UCLA, Mr. Keene began his career in Real Estate as a consultant for a Real Estate Investment Group based out of Laguna Beach, CA. In this and other roles, he implemented efficiencies in development processes, acquired and financed new and existing projects, served as project manager for new construction, renovations, and capital improvement projects and fulfilled all government/entitlement processes.

Now the CEO of his own firm, Mr. Keene successfully finances and manages an extensive portfolio of residential real estate development projects in Coastal Southern California. In this role, Mr. Keene has honed his ability to create efficiencies in the development and construction processes and has refined his team of preferred industry professionals so as to maintain industry leading returns for the company and its investors.

Grant is a California licensed real estate representative

Della Bond Hysten


Della Bond Hysten, former CPA and auditor with Ernst & Young in Chicago, worked with smaller, entrepreneurial clients to organize and streamline their accounting policies and procedures.

Since leaving the workplace to raise a family, and having relocated multiple times to various regions of the country, she learned how to manage many home renovation projects and this is where she found her passion. Della’s personal experience in home renovation, as well as studies in interior design and drafting, helps her clients see “beyond the current walls” in a house, to the home it can ideally become with minor improvements.

Della is an agent and part of Prestige Property Management, BRE 01979126, and has worked closely in the past with realtors when buying and selling her own personal properties. She has a good understanding of the entire real estate sales process, from listing to closing. Della is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Science Degree and a major in Accounting. She also has an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising.

James Hysten

Business Manager

James Hysten has experience in finance, project management and IT infrastructure. While he supports his wife Della, he is also the National Director of Production Support for Wells Fargo Auto. In this role, he leads the team that provides production and training for the indirect and commercial sales teams.

James has been involved in finance and construction. He has had two homes built from the ground up and also supported two large commercial remodel projects. He supports his wife Della in her business efforts by working with vendors and contractors.

A Topeka, Kansas native, James is currently a board member of The Kansas African American Museum (TKAAM). In 2014, he was honored and inducted as a TKAAM Business Leadership Trailblazer for his leadership contributions to the Kansas business community. In the same ceremony, the museum also honored and inducted another Kansas native son, the late President Dwight Eisenhower.


As a company we are committed to preserving the earth’s natural resources. In the state of California most discarded construction materials are sorted and recycled. We comply with all state and local laws when it comes to the proper handling of these elements.

All items that can be spared and salvaged are donated to local charities for reuse.